Thursday, 6 October 2011

Natural History Museum

What a find for a young toddler!  
A big spotty cat greeted me and I was allowed to stroke it!  It didn't miaow back, but the pony didn't neigh either.  Still, they were soft and lovely.  The dinosaurs were huge and I also had a look at loads of other animals. 

The best thing was that I could have a good walk and run around and nobody minded.  Some people have told me you can't touch anything in museums, but this one had little signs that said I could.  

There's a level access entrance for buggies, or you can leave it at the entrance and walk up the steps.  I actually decided I wanted to be carried.

We didn't make it so far as to find out if there is baby changing - we'll check that next time.  But for a rainy day, it's one of the best places for a young toddler about Oxford.  

Yes, there's good baby changing.
And be quick!  It's shutting in 2013.  FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!!! What will we do on rainy days?    Sigh.  Still, I guess the buckets filling up with rain water show it's probably good to sort out the building.
I'll miss you Spotty Cat and Mandy the Pony.

Yes, it's shut.  Closed.  Just as I had discovered the bugs upstairs.  Sniff.  Still, the roof is being fixed and you can still get to the Pitt Rivers...

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