Sunday, 14 October 2012

Roaming baby

It's been a while!
I've been busy getting older.  I'm not even sure that 'baby' is a good description.  I'm a big girl now!  
But, hey, I still like fun places, room for pushchairs and changing mats, so if you're up in Scotland any time soon, maybe these tips will help out...

The Bridge Cafe, Oban
Great food, even better service and an etch a sketch to play on while I waited.  Mummy seemed to enjoy her coffee and, even though we didn't make it, she said there was soft play upstairs that seemed a good idea.
If you're in the area, a great place to go!

Tartan Table Top, Castlebay, Barra
I made it to the soft play room this time!  Part of the children's centre, this cafe has a soft play room right by the eatery.  It's got a nice vibe, with school kids, toddlers like me and parents all enjoying a bacon butty and chips.  Well, apart from mine because they're veggie.  But you get the idea!

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