Sunday, 29 May 2011

Visit to Brighton

Out of the ordinary, perhaps, but this baby has just been to Brighton and found two of the best eating establishments I've come across in my whole year and a month.

Food for Friends
Veggie restaurant with plenty booster seats, changing available and a wide ranging menu.  I particularly enjoyed avocado, mango, tofu,  beans and risotto.  Seriously enjoyed it.  I actually may have eaten more than my mummy managed.  
The restaurant is also happy to heat up baby jar food if that's your cuppa tea, so no reason for any baby not to enjoy a slap up meal at this fine eaterie.
Finally, the staff were happy to see children enjoying the restaurant and made me feel welcome.  Always a bonus!

Sushi garden
I didn't try the sushi - not the fish kind, but mummy did share her veggie sushi (rice, avocado and cucumber).  I also managed a fair amount of udon noodles (loads of fun), tofu, sweet potato and gyoza. The staff were lovely, from the chef waving at me from the kitchen to the waitress who brought me my own baby sized chopsticks to play with (c'mon, I can't really use a spoon yet - chopsticks will have to wait a while!). 
No baby changing, but high chair provided and this place deserves a rave review for the food and for the welcome I got from staff and other customers.  I was one very happy baby!

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