Monday, 24 January 2011

Rainbow House

One of my favourite city spots is the private babies' club found at the Wesley Memorial Hall (New Inn Hall St) on Wednesday to Fridays during term.
Known as Rainbow House, this exclusive drop in is for pre-schoolers only. They can take an adult or two in with them, which I've found comes in handy for picking up the essentials: food, drink and a toy or book or two.

Essentially, Rainbow House is a baby cafe, with a range of seating for little bottoms including beanbags and highchairs and enough books and toys to keep any discerning baby or toddler happy. Long tables with adult seating ensures a sociable atmosphere and pushchairs line the walls. It's not a quiet, relaxing place, but more of a buzzy vibe, with plenty to do for toddlers - and plenty to watch for babies.

Food is cheap and basic: baked spuds, pizza, toasties - you get the picture. Available in adult or children's portions, it's cooked quickly and brought to your table. The volunteers who run the show do a good job of welcoming babies and adults alike. When it's not too busy, they always make a bit of a fuss of me, which is always welcome by a sociable young baby like me. Adults are asked to clear up a bit after themselves, and any little crumbs the babies might drop.

Baby changing is provided.

Baby friendly ratings
Changing: 5/5 (2 changing mats provided alongside sinks)
Seating: 5/5 (loads of high chairs)
Food: 4/5 (it's not haute cuisine, but it's cheap and it fills you up!)
Atmosphere: 5/5
Overall baby friendliness: 5+/5 - I love love love Rainbow House!

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