Monday, 24 January 2011

Cafe Coco (Frideswide Square)

Cocos has closed.  Mummy was a bit disappointed not to have it when my new baby sister came along, but I've been along to its replacement - a Korean restaurant - with Daddy.  The potato noodles are something special...  However, we didn't really test it for baby and toddler friendliness, so watch this space...

A handy cafe, my mummy says, near to the train station and the many bus stops on Frideswide Square. She's rather fond of the pizzas, the coffee and the chocolate brownies. I gather the Bloody Marys are pretty good too (although I'm not sure quite what these are - don't fancy them myself).

Babies and children are often to be seen in Cafe Coco, dining out or just chilling out - it's a laid back place where an after lunch chat can last a while (or do my mummy and daddy just talk to much?).

I like watching what's going on across the cafe, which is spacious and well run. There are plenty high chairs and the staff are happy to re-arrange the chairs to accommodate push chairs. Mind you, last time I ventured to Cocos, I tried out my new chariot - I think daddy calls it a rucksack - that was a pretty comfy ride there and stowed nicely down the side of my table.

But I digress.

The pizza crusts are tasty and with a few toppings thrown my way, I've always been happy with the food. If I were being picky, I would say that it'd be nice if there were a few more sides of veg available, but honestly I've never gone hungry at Cocos.

Baby friendly ratings:

Baby friendly ratings
Changing: 4/5 - 1 baby changing table in the disabled toilet, so sometimes have to wait
Seating: 5/5 (loads of high chairs)
Food: 3/5 (quality is great, but limited on choice for a baby watching her salt intake. Plenty pizza, also meat and fish available)
Atmosphere: 5/5
Overall baby friendliness: 4/5 - Welcoming and accommodating

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