Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Mission - St Michaels St

The Mission is a small place hidden away on St Michaels St off Cornmarket.  It doesn't look all that promising for a baby about town, but Daddy raves about the burritos, so we thought we'd give it a try.
Imagine my surprise when the friendly staff whipped out a booster seat for me and clipped it onto the chair.  I pulled myself up to the long canteen style table (with some help from Daddy) and tucked into some of his burrito.  What he hadn't told me is that he'd sloshed on chipotle sauce - a fairly hot, smoky chilli.  It seems my taste buds were just ready for it, as I really enjoyed tucking into beans, peppers and rice wrapped in a tasty bread.  Great for a veggie baby like me to get my protein and iron intake, although the chilli may not be to every baby's taste.
Mummy found a yoghurt in her bag for my pudding, which rounded off the meal nicely, then it was home (via Boots) for a well earned nap.


Child size portions now available for £1.  Yes, a mini burrito of your very own for one shiny coin.  

Baby friendly ratings
Changing: 0/5 - Only a small toilet with no baby changing.  But Boots and Debenhams with baby changing are both nearby
Seating: 5/5 (clip on booster seats available - a welcome surprise to this baby!)
Food: 3/5 - no reflection on the taste which deserves 5/5, but not to every baby's taste
Atmosphere: 5/5 - friendly staff and loads of fun to watch the other people eating.  Sometimes they wave and chat to you too!
Overall baby friendliness: 3/5 - Great for the more adventurous baby about town, but not for everyone

UPDATE - overall rating 4/5 - Mini burritos!  £1! 

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